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Providing First Aid

During battle, if you get wounded, and depending on how serious those wounds are, you can sometimes treat yourself with frst aid for minor injuries however you will need a squad mate or a medic for more serious cases.
First aid equipment:
The 3 primary frst aid equipment types are: Field dressings, Morphine and Adrenaline. You’ll fnd these in most crates and in the Medic’s medic backpack.

Self Administered First aid:
You can only treat yourself with light wounds. If you have been treated for serious injuries and are close to being healed, you will need help from your team mate or a medic to complete the treatment fully. In this case, you won’t be able to complete the fnal stage of your treatment yourself.
Select Squad menu, then First aid (self), then Diagnose. You will get a diagnostic description along with further treatment required. Follow these steps but always use the Field dressing frst, in order to stop the bleeding.
First aid on others:
You can also give First aid to your team mates too. This is done in the same way everything you need to do is via the Interaction menu. In some cases you can stabilise a team mate who is incapacitated and allow him to be mobile again, however in serious cases they will still need further treatment from a medic to complete the task. An incapacitated player can’t move so you must carry or drag him in to safe cover frst. These options are also accessed via the Interaction menu.
Non medic players are not qualifed as medics, so they will spend more time and assets to stabilise a person, sometimes this will be required, ie when a medic is not nearby and providing early treatment will prevent him from bleeding out and dying.

Оказание первой помощи.

Во время боя, если вы ранены (зависит от того насколько серьёзны ваши раны), вы можете воспользоваться Аптечкой(First Aid) для легких ранений, однако при более тяжком ранении вам может потребоваться помощь товарища или Медика.
Состав аптечки первой помощи:
В состав аптечки входят три основных средства: Полевая повязка(Field dressings), Морфин(Morphine) и Адреналин(Adrenaline). Вы можете всегда найти их в большинстве ящиков боеприпасов или в рюкзаке Медика.
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