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Куратор Russian Reality
Аватар для zloyrash
Имя: Александр

Игра: PR1.3

Обновлено до 1.5.3

PR:BF2 v1.5.3.0 Changelog - Project Reality Forums

PR:BF2 v1.5.3.0 Changelog (2018/February/24)
  • Added HD Fonts by TBob.
  • Fixed missing destroy icon for commander commo-rose.
  • Fixed issue causing Polish COOP maps to crash.
  • Fixed shading issues on kit geometries.
  • Fixed being unable to exit ACV on some maps.

  • Fixed issues with selecting alternative kits.

  • Updated map-placed AA to have same new lock angles as deployable AA.
  • Fixed hearing odd clip sound when throwing grenade in 3P.
  • Fixed PL RPG deploy sound not having the safety off sound.
  • Fixed PL Beryl series recoil being too low and other small issues.
  • Fixed PL BOR .762 (Alex) sniper rifle sounds not being synced.
  • Fixed PL Beryl series 1P sprint animation playing too fast.

  • Fixed Dutch YA_4442 trucks flipping too easily.
  • Fixed PL Sokol using medium instead of light minimap icon.
  • Fixed PL Rosomak APC not being able to move in water when tracked.
  • Fixed PL Rosomak APC not showing correct textures depending on map.

  • Sahel
    • No longer BETA.
    • Added new high quality lightmaps.
    • Small fixes.

  • Iron Ridge
    • Full rework. Read the highlight for more information.

  • Operation Thunder
    • Added AAS16.
    • AAS32: Replaced RU T-72B with T-90. Replaced PL Zbik with regular BRDM. Replaced RU Mi-24 with light variant.
    • AAS32/64: Increased tickets to 700 for both teams.
    • Small Fixes.

  • Outpost
    • Full rework of DOD zones.
    • AAS32: Moved MEC mainbase.
    • Small fixes.

  • Shahadah
    • Removed AAS32.
    • Added insurgency layer (64).
    • Small fixes.
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