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Игра: PR1.3

Апдейт до v1.5.4.3

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PR:BF2 v1.5.4.3 Changelog (2018/May/21)
  • Updated settings to have PERF Beta by default. Enabled for all active users as well.
  • Fixed thermal sights sometimes staying on when switching modes.
  • Fixed issue with optics shader not showing when switching from weapon with BUIS.

  • Updated bomb car AI to be more aggressive and aim to drive into the enemy.
  • Updated AI jets to not be able to drop bombs to fix crashing issues.
  • Fixed various IK issues with COOP vehicle gunners.
  • Fixed AI teamkilling at times by trying to use the horn.
  • Fixed crashes with Falkland and Polish factions on COOP maps.

  • Fixed Russian Gopher not having the correct sounds.
  • Fixed M1A2 Abrams TUSK causing launches of other vehicles into air on collision.

  • Fixed SMAW resetting to 250m when switching between spotting and launcher.
  • Fixed STG-44 not having sounds synced to animations.

  • Asad Khal
    • Added Skirmish64.

  • Bamyan
    • AAS32: Fixed Zu-23-2 truck not being teamlocked.

  • Charlie's Point
    • AAS64: made Docks and Peninsula flags neutral, moved NVA forward spawn further south.

  • Jabal Al Burj
    • Updated Skirmish layouts. Added Skirmish64.
    • AAS32: added two more logistic vans to Syrian Rebels, switched one technical for Zu-23-2 truck, added 2 BMP1. Added TOW Humvee and LAV25 to US forces.

  • Karbala
    • INS64: Delayed two technicals and SPG, removed 1 SPG.

  • Kokan
    • Updated Skirmish layouts. Removed Skirmish32.

  • Ramiel
    • AAS64: updated flag and asset layout.

  • Route E-106 - BETA
    • Added new lightmaps.
    • AAS64: Fixed flag bleed.
    • Various other minor fixes.

  • Shahadah
    • AAS64: Adjusted heavy asset spawn times.

  • Shijia Valley
    • Updated Skirmish layouts. Removed Skirmish32.

  • Vadso City
    • Updated Skirmish layouts. Added Skirmish64.
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