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Куратор Russian Reality
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Имя: Александр

Игра: PR1.3

Обновлен до v1.5.4.5
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Another small patch! We found no more issues with PERF BETA so we are removing the option to turn it off. Another important change is that we swapped the team order on Beirut and Dovre, the only maps where OPFOR and BLUFOR weren't representative of team 1 and team 2.

PR:BF2 v1.5.4.5 Changelog (2018/June/2)
  • Updated PR Launcher. PERF BETA is now fully included. You are no longer able to turn it off.
  • Updated deployable roadblocks to make it harder to use them to bury caches.
  • Fixed Russian infantry having lower stamina loss when jumping than other factions.
  • Fixed a very rare crash when start PR.
  • Fixed a server crash when entering the Volkswagen Type 1 on Falklands.

  • Fixed BMP-1,Type 86 and BWP-1 AT-10/AT-9M14 missile moving back and forth during flight.
  • Fixed muzzle and turret projectile positions on multiple vehicles.

  • Added Polish F-16C, T-72M, Mi-24, Rosomak, BWP-1 and Spandrel one-man variants.
  • Fixed crash when entering PL PT-91 tank on COOP maps.
  • Fixed Russian Ziptie Medic SP using the wrong Medikit type - Was using MP one instead of SP.

  • Beirut
    • Swapped team order.
    • Updated DODs.
    • AAS64: Added spawndelay to IDF HMMWV.
    • Removed COOP128, updated COOP32 and COOP64.

  • Dovre
    • Swapped team order.
    • Updated AAS and Skirmish layers. Removed Skirmish 32.
    • Updated COOP64.

  • Dovre Winter
    • Swapped team order.
    • Updated AAS and Skirmish layers. Removed Skirmish 32.
    • Updated COOP64.

  • Operation Marlin
    • Fixed Skirmish layer not showing night sky.

  • Route E-106 - BETA
    • Further improvements to lightmaps.

  • Shahadah
    • Added COOP support.
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