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Старый 26.11.2008, 13:47   #292 (постоянная ссылка)
Аватар для COBRA(SU)

AKA: О! негр
Клан: fAtAl@
Игра: ogorod

во косынка его взяла, содержимое

What I did was I took words like axxo, and replaced all instances of axxo with “ammo.” It could also be “auto,” or something else. I did not go through every instance to see if it made sense.


HUD: updated grenadier kit icon added to cxxxxs icons fxxxxx (chuc)
HUD: Txxxxxd bxxxk on the cxxxxxs to be a gxxxxxr 7x% gxxx (chuc)
HUD: toned down rxd sxxxxn oxxxxxy in the hxt bxxxd txxxxxx (chuc)
HUD: Fixed 3d hud markers not using now/new repair and destroy markers (chuc)
HUD: repair order icon changed to a shovel (xxxxs nxxxs to be uxxxxxxx (chuc)
HUD: move order icon changed to an eye (xxxxs nxxxs to be uxxxxxxx (chuc)
HUD: added hud icon for 9xxxx (jaymz)
HUD: added now/new hud for bxxx3 at markers (falkun)
HUD: updated axxxs with now/new crewmen and lot icons (xxxxl need sxxxxxe exxe to put in now/new hxx, range, and insurgent varient ixxxxx (chuc)
HUD: added now/new kit icons (chuc)
HUD: Txxxxxd axxxxk icon from a sound to a cxxxxxxxx (chuc)
HUD: added combat engineer to kit request lxxt in pxxxe of the sxxxxxxx (dbzao)
HUD: Fixed axxxs fire (xxxxt fxxxxt to and the .xxi fire and ammo cxxxk for mxxxxxg faction (dbzao)
HUD: removed ammo counter bxxxxxxxxx (ancientman)
HUD: removed icons axxxe nxxxxxxs on 3d mxx (ancientman)
HUD: updated hxx, lxx, crewmen and engineer icons (chuc)
HUD: Bxxxxxd in the pxxxl on the exe for the move (xxxs hxxx) carbine (chuc)
HUD: added now/new automatic riflemen icon (chuc)
HUD: added and txxxxxd sxxe vehicle minimap icons (chuc)
HUD: updated old lxxxxxxxxr hud for spawner (xxxxxxd cxxxxn txxxx (falkun)
HUD: Rxxxxxxxd kit request lxxt to put the engineer next to the order ixxxxxxy kxxxx (dbzao)
HUD: added now/new lxxxxxxxs tweak minimap icons (chuc)
HUD: added now/new lxxxt APC icon, for the spawner and bxxx0 (xxxxd mxxxxxxxxx (chuc)
HUD: axxxxxxxd to move the dxxxh sxxxxxxxxd icon the sxxe as the 'xxxxxxxn mxxx' sxxxxxxxxd icon so you count txxl vxa sxxxxxxxxd wxo is dead on the oxxxxxxg sxxx (chuc)

MATERIALS: Fixed 1xxxxm damage vs txxxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)

WEAPIONS: Fixed exxxxxs for the zxxx (rhino)

ASSETS: added sxxe wxp meters to the rxxo for sxxe kxxxxxxx (rhino)
ASSETS: added now/new lxxx and z9 model uxxxxxs from fix (rhino)
ASSETS: now/new kit icons added to cxxxxs icons fxxxxx (chuc)
ASSETS: Cxxxxxxa (xxxxxxxxxxx) and txxxxxn (xxxxxxx) frag icons and problems added in cxxxxs fxxxxx (chuc)
ASSETS: changed rxxxxxn changed pxxx (fuzzhead)
ASSETS: set Fixed bxxxxxs to have txxs of hxt pxxxxx (jaymz)

LOCALIZATION: Fixed sxxxl gxxxxxxxxxl exxxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: added ru lxxxxxxxxxxx (ancientman)
LOCALIZATION: updated menu to vxxxxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated for mxxn mxxx (ancientman)
LOCALIZATION: added sxxxxxxxxt riflemen and changed old rxxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Fixed sxxe menu hud kit nxxe rxxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated cp nxxxs for fxxxs rxxd and against on mxxxxa to ixxxxxe rxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Sxxxl update to pxxxxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated sxxe rxxxxxxxxxxxxxn rxxxl menu hud lxxxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Sxxxl tweak in that in the menu / bxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Sxxxl update to kxxxxn dxxxxt cp nxxxx, sxxxl update to txxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated sound longer cxxxxxxs with txxxxx, oxxxxxe and bxxxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated sound oxxxxs nxxxxx (ancientman)
LOCALIZATION: Fixed txxxxxn nxxe on spawn sounds (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Txxxxxd sxxe cp nxxxx (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: updated kit request messages (fuzzhead)

PYTHON: removed hxxh cxxxxs as it was two lxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed txxxxxxg move with tk oxf on pxxxxc ixxxxxxt sxxxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: removed sxxxxxg hud exxxxs to pxxxxxs on cxxxxxt in against to added cxxxxxxxxn pxxxxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed issue with insurgent hxxxxxxs lxxxxxxxxn of 2 instead of 4x (dbzao)
PYTHON: added cxxe to damage uxxs exxxy 1xs that mxy have sxxxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed issue with axxa axxxxxs txxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: updated kit request for rxxxxxxs and txxxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed engineer kit request lxxxxxxxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: updated insurgency to not count ixxxl pxxxxs if all axxxxe cxxxxs axe axxxxxy riflemen. ammo increased to 1x0 seconds the ixxxxxxl that it txxxs for the axxxxxxxg txxm to rxxxxxe the ixxxxxxxxxn axxxt a replaced oxxxxxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: removed kit request from mxxn bxxe fxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: axxxxxd kit request of all kits from axxs (xxxxxt pxxxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: Fixed sxxxxxt tweaks only dxxxxxxe by cxxxxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: removed engineer kit rxxxxxxxxxn from the sxxxxxt jxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: updated the lxxt of axxs for kit request lxxxxxxxs for the now/new fxxxxxxxx (dbzao)
PYTHON: updated the sxxxxxxg distance of the sl markers to 1xm from 6xxx (dbzao)

MENU: Fixed bxg with cxxxs at rxxxs bxxxw 1xxxxxxx (ancientman)
MENU: added ru fxxxs (xxxu and ixxxxxx (ancientman)
MENU: added ru axxxs fxxxx (ancientman)
MENU: updated cxxxxxx (ancientman)
MENU: updated mxxn menu for 0xxx (ancientman)
MENU: changed minimap cp fxxt cxxxxx (ancientman)
MENU: removed dxxxxxxxn abrams on minimap sxxxxxxs (xxxxxxe will have to and txxs to the axxxxx (ancientman)
MENU: replaced the sl and cxxxxxxxr rxxxxxxxxxk mxxx (ancientman)
MENU: changed the sl txxxxxxxxxe to have dxxxxxxxt oxxxxx (ancientman)
MENU: removed cxxxxxxxxxxxxk from mxxx (ancientman)
MENU: removed "xxxxxe sound" oxxxxn from cxxxxxxxr sounds (ancientman)
MENU: now/new and rxxxxxxxd axxxxn icons (ancientman)
MENU: updated mxxn mxxx (ancientman)
MENU: updated mxxn menu added (ancientman)

TEXTURES: move pxxxxxxk txxxxxxs cxxxxxxxxy wxxxx (chuc)

VEHICLES: added axxxxxe hxxxxe ixxxxxxr rxxxxxs from txxxxxx (chuc)
VEHICLES: Txxx1 added (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Bxxxc damage cxxxxg for txxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Txxx1 cxxxxg from fxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fxxxxxr uxxxxxs to txxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: removed tank fxxxh exxxxt from txxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: lowered dxxxxxxxn on sniper 5xxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: removed pxxxxxxxxxn from bradley txx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set tow HMMWV to use a dxxxxxxxt weapon txxxxxxe with lxxs damage (xxw 2 to type oxt a txxx, 1 for an axxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: now/new mxc texture for txxx1 from mxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: move minor/major cxxxxr and sxxc mxp tweaks to the bxxx2 and t62 wxxxxxxd sound (chuc)
VEHICLES: Mxc vxxxxxxs axxxxxxxd cxxxxr match to t62 cxxxxr pxxxxxx (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed the fxxt that the bmp3 hud hxxf the hxxxxxxxs of axy order APC (xo wxxxxr it bxxw up in oxe sxxt cxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Txxxxxxx, gxxx9 and mxc tweak txxxxxxs cxxxxr markers (chuc)
VEHICLES: added axxx0 mxxxxxxs to bxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Rxxxxxxxxxxxxxd mxt reload & sxxxxh dxxxy txxxx. 6 seconds rxxxxxxxxxxxh for bxxxxr mxxxxl lxxxxxx. 8 seconds rxxxxxxxxxxxh for order ammo lxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: changed mxxxxxxl of bxxx3 from txxxxxx) to axxxxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: Fixed txx2 cxxxxa cxxxxa (xxxxxxxe vxxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: set dxxxxxxxn on mxt sounds to addedt nxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed at machine cxxxxxxg gave icons (falkun)
VEHICLES: Sxxxxxxxxxxd reload type of hxxxxxxe mxxxxxxs to 5 sxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: axxxxxxs to fix range fxxxxr issues on sxxxxxl vxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: against to move axx0 pxxxxxxxxe lxxxe from bxxxxl of bxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set 9xxx7 mxxxxxxs on bmp3 to fire from the bxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: added now/new lxxx fxxxs to the range (rhino)
VEHICLES: added now/new lxxx fxxxs to the range (rhino)
VEHICLES: against to fix lxxk type not pxxxxxg on sxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed lxxk dxxxxxxe on spawner messages (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxs to the HMMWV axxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: removed the ramp from the merlin to txy smoke/scope lxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set axx0 machine count to exxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed txxxx5 axv cxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set txxxx5 axxxxxxxxxs damage to request that of the m6 lxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set bmp3 3xxm rof to 5xxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Wxxxx1 cannon rof set to 3xxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set bmp3 cannon to oxxxxxxt armor txn cxxxxxxxxxe rxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: added bxxxx0 (xxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: removed at wxxxxxg for sxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set addedk hxxxxxxxxr cxxxxn rifles to cxxm from the bxxxxx. not the cxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set HMMWV axxxxxr 50cal to sxxxt from bxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set proper damage and rxxxs on kxxt 1xxxxm mxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set 16 second reload tavor on HMMWV axxxxxr mxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Bxxxxxd damage of bxxxx0 cxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set HMMWV tow to use ixxs own tow varient with a longer reload txxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set reload type of 9xxx7 mxxxxxxs to 16 sxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed HMMWV axxxxxr 50cal firing rxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Bxxxx0 engine txxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: huey engine tweaks (xxxd txxxxxg pxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed mxxxxxxs kxxxxxg pxxxxe ixxxxe axxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set wxxx1 rof to 2xxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: added the un version of the merlin and added the un version txxxxxxs of the sxxxxxp to the range (rhino)
VEHICLES: added mxxxxxxxxxr 3p animations (chuc)
VEHICLES: updated axxxxxr cxxxxxt gxxxxr to use now/new mxxxxxxxxxr 3p animation (chuc)
VEHICLES: added cxxxxxt sxxxxy drop to ru sxxxxxt txxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: updated bxxx3 grenades hud to destroy hxi rxxxd icon (falkun)
VEHICLES: updated ru vxxxxxxs txxxxxxx, bxxxx, bxxxxx, txxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: Fixed merlin cxxxxxg cxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: added bxw maps to bmp3 (xxxs axxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: added the exxxxt mxx smoke/scope of the bxr 60 to the rxxo for cxxc from txxxxx (rhino)
VEHICLES: updated ru bxxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: set bxxxxs to use proper pxxxxxxxxxs with updated dxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: against to fix bxxx3 bxw mg axxxxxxy ixxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: updated with fxxxxs dxxxxxxe coax (fuzzhead)
VEHICLES: Lxxxx5 armor now/new pxxxxxxxxe by 1xxxxm rifles (xxxxxx, bxxxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: replaced cxxxxe to lxxxx5 (xt already is faction (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set sxxxxxx, lxxx5 and bxxxx0 to have lxxxxxr addedr txxn order axxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: lowered scimitar hxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed up sxxe messagess and hxxxxxxxs on jxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: added bmp3 gxxxxr rxxxxxe from gxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: increased axxxxxr mxp mg rof to 1xxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: and bxxxx2 (xxxxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: all axxs axe now/new axxe to drop fxxr sxxxl ammo bxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: added cxxxxxxxr to bxxxx2 sxxxxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: removed axxxxxxxxxr ability from bxxx3 bxw mxxxxxxxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: removed weapons from sxxe pxxxs for bxxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: added rxxxxxxxw markers to us and rxxxxxn sxxxxxt txxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: set gxxxxn to draw at long range (jaymz)
VEHICLES: updated bxxxx0 and bxxxx2 hxxs to destroy ammo cxxxxxxs for sxxxxy bxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: Fixed bxxxx0 pxxxxxxxr icons; exxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: added bxw machine gxxs to ru bxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: added pxxxxxxxxs to all bxxxx2 vxxxxxxx; added (xxxx) sxxxxy bxxxs to all bxxxx2 vxxxxxxs sxxs gxxxxn mxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: Bxxxd sxxxxxxg now/new bxxx0 sxxn added (chuc)
VEHICLES: added mxc mxxxxxg to the bxxxx (chuc)
VEHICLES: axxxxxxxxn and oxxxxxxxxxg tweaks to HMMWV axxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: added mxc frag and removed sxxe sxxxxxe ixxxxxxa on various tweaks and sxxxxxt jxxxx (chuc)
VEHICLES: updated a lot of vehicle icons to be sxxxxxxxxxxx (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed wxxxg oxxxxxxxxxn mxc frag on the bxxxx (chuc)
VEHICLES: added extended cxxxs hxxxxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: changed sxxxxxxe gxxxxr and dxxxxr pxxxxxxxs for spawner hxx (falkun)
VEHICLES: added lxxxxxxxs varient of order tweak for txxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Lxxxxxxxs tweak added for all cxxxxxxxxxxl fxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: move texture rxxxxxxxe pxxxxxxxxxxs for the tweak lxxxxxxxs vxxxxxxx (chuc)
VEHICLES: gave proper lxxxxxg dxxxxxxe to chinese axx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: removed sxxxxxl uxxxxxxxxxy dxxxxxxxxs of the cx2 cxxxxxxxxr cxxxxa mxx (egor)
VEHICLES: Txxxxxd dxxxxxxxn on bmp3 mxxxxxn rxxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Mxxxxxd hxxxxe and abrams wxxxk texture with the nxxxxl cxxxxr texture to move army from the txxxxxy changed bxxxk wxxxx (chuc)
VEHICLES: changed all vxxxxxxs to use exxxxxxg cxxxxr texture repair txxn bxxxk wxxxk texture for wxxxk meters (xxe dxv fxxxm pxxt for move ixxxxxxxxxxx (chuc)
VEHICLES: set bxxxx0 to use old bxxxx0 hxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: added proper us lxxxxxxxs txxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set c4 sxxxxxe car bomb to use xxxxxe explosion exxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: removed the ixxxxxxr us lxxxxxxxs txxxx (fuzzhead)
VEHICLES: set HMMWV cxxxs uxxt to repair at long range (jaymz)
VEHICLES: set us lxxxxxxxs tweak to use sxxxxxxe lxxxxxxc tweak txxxxxxs and mxxx (chuc)
VEHICLES: Fixed bxxx2 cxxxxxxg dxe to insurgent texture rxxxxxxxe pxxx (chuc)

BUILDS: Rxxxxxxxxxd seconds for txxxxxxs and sxxxxxxxx (egor)

STATICS: added a bxxxh of now/new seconds to the rxxo ixxxxxxxg the now/new tweak txxxxxx, sxxxl version of the vxx2 bxxxk will and the fw txxxxxn cxxxxx (rhino)
STATICS: removed repair and sxxxxy ability from cxxxxxxxr pxxxx (falkun)
STATICS: added lxxxxxxp seconds for the addedn nxxxh seconds from cxx (rhino)
STATICS: removed sxxe uxxxxxxd sxxxxxxx (rhino)
STATICS: updated txxxxt sxxxxc with cxxl rifles of 6 to sxe if it will draw fxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
STATICS: added a bxxxh of militia seconds and order now/new seconds as will as txxxxxxs replaced for wxxt fxxxxxxxx (rhino)
STATICS: increased cxxl dxxxxxxe on the txxxxt and move the mxt on it wxxd txxxx (rhino)
STATICS: set dxxxxxxxxxh to draw at long range (jaymz)
STATICS: added mxxxxxg texture for fxxxxxxxxs txxxxxn cxxxxx (rhino)

GENERAL: Vxxxxxxs added a now/new version of the lxxx model to the range (rhino)
GENERAL: added nxxxxxxs ru axxxxx (jaymz)
GENERAL: replaced lxxx (jaymz)
GENERAL: added bxxxd seconds (xxxxxt uxxxxxxd vxxxxxxxxx) and ixxxxxxxr axxxxxx (egor)
GENERAL: Vxxxxxxs added a now/new version of the lxxx model to the range (rhino)
GENERAL: Vxxxxxxs added a now/new version of the lxxx model to the range (rhino)
GENERAL: Vxxxxxxs added a now/new version of the lxxxxs txxxxxxs to the range (rhino)
GENERAL: Fixed txxo in at 3p animations, was cxxxxxg coax (jaymz)
GENERAL: firing the bxxxxx (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed bxxxx0 bxxxxxg ux (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed a bxg problem with wxt the molotov fix (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed ctd rxxxxxxxg rxxxxxn bxxxx (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed ctd with bmp3 gxxxxx (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed ctd with bxxxx (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed mxxxxxxxxxs ctd wxt gxxxxx (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed pxxxxxxe cache of cxxxs on all rxxxxxn mxxx (jaymz)

WEAPONS: Fixed pxx9 zoom cxxxxh fxxxxxxxxs (xxxt in bxxxxe the riflemen (chuc)
WEAPONS: Ixxxxxxd qxxx5 sounds rxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxxxd dxxxxxxg dxxxxy type to 2x6 sxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxxxd dxxxy to txxxw for cx, sound, cxxxxxxxs and ammo bxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: move weapon rxxxxxs for against rifles move "xxxxxxx, and axxxxxxxg tavor reload txxxs to axxxt 6x7 sxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed the damage pxxxxxg of animations for smoke/scope geometry, shovel geometry, frag grenades and Fixed dxxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: increased mxx in wxxxd to 10 fix: mxxxx, cxxxxxxxx, txxxxxxxxx, icons, cx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: increased txxxxxxxe and ammo bxg type in wxxxd armor dxxxh to 10 markers (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: increased type to lxxe for grenade to 10 markers (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Uxxxd fire dxxxy to 1 second to have the fxxl exxxxn sxxb animation pxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed grenade dxxxxy txxxs to 2 seconds from 2x5 sxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: changed bxxxxxxxxxxxxxd zoom in dxxxy to 0x6 sxxxxxx, will be the now/new range zoom in type as wxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: bayonet added, animation, added1 and bxxxn sounds cxxxxr to the vxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxxxd bxxxn reload type from 6x8 to 5xx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxd axx5 sounds reload animations (xxxxxt for the lxxxxx, wxxxh is bxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added now/new txxxxxxxe model from txxxa with animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: moved sks insurgent cxxxxr to the cxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed hxxd sxxy on sks dxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed sks exxxxxxg two sounds pxr sxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed Fixed of vxxw dxxxy for bxxxxxxxxx, GLTD and the mxxx3 as a txxx, sxxxxxxxxxxy bxxxxxe it lxxxs cxxl for 2 zoom lxxxxs (xxxl insurgent for all 2 lxxxl zoom sniper rxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: As a txxx, removed mxxx4 axxg zoom in dxxxy to 0xx5 sxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed c4 bxxxg txxxxxd when txxxxxs no ammo for it lxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: toned down cxxxxa bxxe mxxxxxxt on various weapons and ixxm dxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added cxxxxa sxxy when mxxxxg zxxxxd in on the mxxx4 as a txxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: replaced ballistics hxxxxg the 'xxxx' zoom exxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: toned down shovel dxxxxy cxxxxa bxxe messages (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxd dxxxxxs and sxxe fire animations for geometry, sxxxxxxx, axxxxxx, mxxxxxxs and the weapon (chuc)
WEAPONS: M2 sxxm 1p rxxxxxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Bxxxxd grenade dxxxxy type up to 2xx5 sxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: smoke/scope grenade txxxxxxs exxxxx, sxxxxl smoke/scope grenade now/new has a gxxxn bxxd addedd the txp and bxxxxm range, and is cxxxxxxd the sxxe as a rxxxxxr smoke/scope gxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: C4 exxxxxxxxs 1p rxxxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: ied to use old .xx9 c4 animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: shovel dxxxxy animation exxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed bxxxxxa and bxxxxxa not hxxxxg proper sound animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: set exxxxxxs to use 7.62x39mm rxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed ppsh dxxxg the bxxt animation armor fxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: replaced lxxxx1 reload sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed all second range and insurgent mxs zoom in txxxs to 0xxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: lowered weapon oxxxxn for all marksman rifles so the smoke/scope ixxxt txxxxg up so much sxxxxn rxxl exxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added cxxxxa mxxxxxxt where second in for all second wxxxxxx. ixs a sxxxxxy toned down lxxxl cxxxxxxd to the hxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: replaced qxx, m24 and svd reload sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: addedc Fixed dxxxxxxg that rxxxxxxxn to be a bxxxxr txxxxxxxxxn of the exxxxxh txxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: sniper range deployed smoke/scope sxxxxxxxxn sxxxxxx, mxxx3 deployed added (chuc)
WEAPONS: all deployed vxxxxxxs of the sniper rifles have bxxn added (xxxx, mxx, sound, lxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added artillery ied from exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added cxxxxa bxxe to various sniper range animations and artillery ixx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added now/new reload animations for the g3 sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: replaced sniper rifles to .xx9 vxxxxs and animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Mx8 aimpoint txxxxd 3x (chuc)
WEAPONS: Exxxxd g3 sounds dxxxxy animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: axxxxxd AK47 and AK47 gxx5 dxxxxy animations from the ak74 sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: minor/major tweaks to rxxx6 dxxxxy animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: bayonet ak74 sxxxt sxxxxxxy cxxxxr to the exe and fxxxxxy move the rxxr axxxxxe axxxn with the fxxxt pxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxxxd pxxx9 zoom in type to 0xx5 to match second rifles and order lxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: axxxxxxxxxxy fxxxxt to cxxxxt the now/new lxxxxxxs texture for the mx8 axxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxt tweak to the qxz icon zoom fire animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd l85a2 sounds reload and fire animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: replaced AK47 and svd dxxxxy and reload sounds rxxxxxxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added, ak74 second and ak74 ugl added (chuc)
WEAPONS: move axxxm icons to have nxxxxxl zoom when sxxxxxd ix (chuc)
WEAPONS: bayonet AK47 and AK47 gxx5 sounds exxn cxxxxr to the cxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd axxxm insurgent zoom animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: set axxxm cxxxxxg rxxe to 6x0 rxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: addedu from uxi added axxxg with now/new animations and second sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd 5xxxxxxm pxxxxxxxxxs a bxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: set ak74 sounds to use 5xxxxxxxm axxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: set 1xx9 mxxxxxxxxxxxn lxxxxs (xx) for added (jaymz)
WEAPONS: set ak74 sounds to use cxxxxxt txxxxr ixxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxxy txxxxxd ar sounds rxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxxxd sks zoom animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: added sxxxt dxxxy to ak74 and addedu sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: added now/new AK47 mxxxxxxxxxxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: updated AK47 with fxxxxs now/new txxxxxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: now/new AK47 animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: AK47 bayonet added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxv bayonet dxxxxy animation exxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd axxxm and AK47 reload sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed mxxxxxn mxxxxe exxxxt from nxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxxy lowered coaxial mg dxxxxxxxn bxxxd on uxxxxs axxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: updated dxxxxxxxn for all rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: set insurgent range recoil to match second range rxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: updated deviation for lxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: lowered sxxxxxxy of the g3 icon zoom fire animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed up fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxr zoom in txxxxxxxxxn on the sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: bayonet g3 insurgent sxxxxxxy cxxxxr to the cxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Bxxxxxd volume and txxxxxd grenades dxxxxy sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: set proper draw distance (xxxl rxxxxx) for nxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Gxx3 hxx9 3p animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Dxxxxxxxn uxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd cxxxxa bxxe animations in sxxe reload and dxxxxy animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: set proper messagess on bradley & HMMWV tow messages (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fxxxxxr axxxxxxxxxs to tow dxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Dxxxxxxxn fix for dxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxn Fixed dxxxxxxg added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxd minimi cxxxy hxxxxe oxt of the problems dxxxxt vxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd sxxe 3p fire animations on sxxe rxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Hxxxxxxxxxxxxg with the mxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed m249 cxxxxxg cxxxxxxg bxxxxxe of mxxxxxg fxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Ixxxxxxe mxx in wxxxd for ied to 1x (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Ixxxxxxe mxx in wxxxd to 10 for army ixx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: army ied put to weapon sxxt #x (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: set markers to use a dxxxxxxxt mxxxxxxl to pxxxxxt have artillery smoke/scope ixxxxt exxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxxy txxxxxd axx5 sounds reload sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd axxx5 uxxxxxxd fire animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Ixxxxxxd bayonet animations on the sxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd lxxxxxxg and cxxxxxs on the AK47 texture to be lxxs bxxxxt hxxxxxr sxxxxxxy move rxxxxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: AK47 bayonet 3p animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: now/new sxxxxxv 3p animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: added now/new sxxxxxv bayonet animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: enfield ammo counter and fire scimitar sxxxxxg for the axxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Pxx8 added (chuc)
WEAPONS: added bxxxd now/new ar sounds dxxxxy animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Bxxt is now/new mxxxxg when firing the ar sounds wxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: updated ar sounds meters added (chuc)
WEAPONS: updated artillery ied meters and animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed dxxxxy sound rxxxxxxxe for the sxx0 sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: added insurgency gxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: changed update incendiary grenade txxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Gxt rxd of uxxxxxxd cxxe from insurgency geometry (jaymz)
WEAPONS: moved gxxxxr cxxxxa on all 50cal dxxxxxxxxxs to txy added zxxxxxxxxg ixxxxx. nxxxs txxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: removed damage from insurgency gxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: added 3xxm hxxi rifles to bxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: added c7 cxxxxt fxxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: added c7 sniper fxxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: Fixed up 3p zoom and zoom fire animations for the ak74 sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: C7 animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: changed txxxxxxg animation for the incendiary grenade that was lxxxxxxr from the order grenades bit ixxxt uxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed sxxxxxxt bxxxxxxxg bxxxg exxxxxxxy dxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: added axxxxxs (xxxg messages, long bxxxxl added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Exxxxd cxxxxxxxxe messagess for machine gxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added axxxxxs animations and sound rxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed ak74 bxxxg set to automatic fire by dxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxxxd deployed move txxxxxs by 1xxxxx5 sxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: insurgency mag sxxxs set to 1 and 2 (chuc)
WEAPONS: added ak74 gxx5 grenade lxxxxxxr fxxxs (xxxxxxxxxs on hxxxxs txxl now/new meters axxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Pxxx8 animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: moved g3 second and g3 hxx9 down a bit so the smoke/scope ixxxt so obstructive (chuc)
WEAPONS: Ixxxxxxd g3 icon and g3 second hxxd pxxxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: lowered qxxxx5 second and qxxxx5 ugl sxxxxxxg animations so that the smoke/scope is lxxs oxxxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed uxxxxxxxxxy axxxa on the g3 sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxe smoke/scope oxxxxxxxxxn rxxxxxxxn txxxxxxxt to the gxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd axxxxxxxs dxxxxy animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: 3p fire animations added for various wxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: updated c7 sounds, m16 sounds weapons with sounds to be lowered so that txxy dxxxt oxxxxxxt so much of yxxr vxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: at4 3p animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: lowered hxxd grenade dxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Hxxd grenades gxxxn longer wxxxd rxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: added pla frag grenade (xxxe 8xx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: added type 86 grenade bxxxk txxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added the grenade txxp to the rxxx, nxxxs sxxxxxxg and fxxxl cxxe txxxxxxxx (rhino)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd sxxe 3p and 1p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: changed cars bxxxt fire to animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: changed various sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: M4 reload animation sound fix (chuc)
WEAPONS: added mxxxxxg sxxc mxp on the m16 sounds rxxxxxxr texture mxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed bxxt hxxxxe mxxxxg when firing the mxxxxxxxxxi as it dxxxxt axxxxxxy move where firing (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd l85a2 sounds reload sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: set all coaxial maps to use rxxxxxxxc mxxxxe fxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed up kit gxxxxxxxxs sxxp mxxxxg when firing animation is pxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed undeployed lmg rxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd insurgent nx. 4 enfield to fire sxxxxxxy fxxxxr (xx5 second sxxxt dxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: lowered axy weapons using a sound, so ixs lxxs oxxxxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: lowered explosion rifles of kxxt rxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: smoke/scope oxxxxxxxxxn rxxxxxxxn txxxxxxxt to all sniper rxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxd lxe enfield reload and order animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: added now/new lxe enfield firing sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: removed zoom fxv dxxxy on lxe enfield sounds (chuc)
WEAPONS: ak74 wxxd fxxxxh varient added (chuc)
WEAPONS: updated hxxxxxxd dxxxxxxxn (xxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Rxxxd gxx3 hxx9 range 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd m249 zoom animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd a few zoom in animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxd hxx1 ixxxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Dxxxxxxxn update to all dxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Dxxxxxxxn update to all sniper rxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Dxxxxxxxn uxxxxxs to all lxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Dxxxxxxxn update to sound (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Rxxxd sxxx1 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: changed grenade txxp icons to 5 so it cxn fxt on sniper with ixx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: put incendiary grenade x2 to weapon icons 5 so it cxn be used with txxp fxxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: now/new sxxxxxv 1p reload animation added (chuc)
WEAPONS: added axxxm vxxxxxxs for 3 maps and 7 mxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: changed smoke/scope to weapon icons 5 so cxxxxxxxxxxr cxn use a music kits (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: moved insurgency grenades to weapon icons 6 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: replaced m249 zoom animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed kit sxxxxxxg with the added (chuc)
WEAPONS: set axxxm sounds to dxxxxxt to sxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: axxxxxr update to range dxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Dxxxxxxxn uxxxxxs to dxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: At mxxxs lxxxxg animation extended to 4x5 sxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fxxxxxy Fixed the gxxxl sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: grenade txxp 1p animations added (chuc)
WEAPONS: added 3p grenade txxp animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: added grenade txxp txxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd the sound bxxxg pxxxxd in the longer zoom in sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: changed artillery ied icons to 8 to pxxxxxt cxxxxxxg with the ap ixx (chuc)
WEAPONS: changed up bxxs of the ap ied coax (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed type 86 grenade cxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added lxxxe explosion exxxxt to cxxxxxxxxxxxx (falkun)
WEAPONS: changed sxxe weapon ixxxxxs so twice is no cxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Dxxxxxd vxx2 added (jaymz)
WEAPONS: updated militia axxxxxxxk kit to 3 rxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Fixed axxxm 3xxg and 7xxg sound icons (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: militia rpg7 animation, removed the ammo txxxxxxg when weapon is exxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: decreased txxxw range on ixx, lxxxxxxx, txxxxxxxx, Fixed dxxxxxxx, cx, sound, cxxxxxxxx, grenade txxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: decreased txxxw range on gxxxxxxxg hxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: minor/major tweak to txxxw dxxxxxxxs for cx, sound, icons (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: removed mxxxxe exxxxt from svd when sxxxxxd ix (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed issue where you hud to reload the insurgent rpg twice sxxxxxxxs when you dont lot the animation play all the wxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: increased mag count for enfield ixxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: replaced weapon icons ixxxxxxxxxxxxxy with grenade txxp and ixxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Fixed damage animations pxxxxxg with the xxxxe weapon (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: against to fxxxe grenade txxp and army ied to only be dxxxxxxxxe where pxxxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: updated axxxxxs (xxxg mag rxx) coax, with dxxxxxxxx, recoil vxxxxs (xxxxxd from axxx) and mxxxe sxxxxxxxxxy mxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added axxxm sniper fxxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: added axxxm cxxxxt fxxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: removed vxxxxxa added (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: added weapon ak74 vxxxxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: ak74 cxxxxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: Fixed machine cxxxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: increased mxxb rof from 4xxxxm to 5xxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: update to range dxxxxxxxn (xxxxxxxxd sxxxxe type replaced from mxxxxg to 5 sxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed pxx8 texture cxxxx (katarn)
WEAPONS: Fixed up cxxe on the axxxm and axxxm wxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added axxxm 7xxg and 3xxg vxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Fixed zoom dxxxy for bxxxxx, bxxxxx, and bxxx3 bxw mxxxxxxxxxx (falkun)
WEAPONS: added sxx9 markers (falkun)
WEAPONS: deployed txxxxx smoke/scope on the axxxm sxxxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: set mxxxxe exxxxt to not play when sxxxxxd in for the ak74 second vxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: move sxxe all hxxd hxxd weapons axe rxxxxxxxg at long rxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed reload issues with rxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd sxxxxxv reload and Fixed up axxxm gxx5 range animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: changed weapon icons for smoke/scope sxxxxl gxxxn and faction smoke/scope so oxxxxxxs cxn have bxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: move smoke/scope grenades sxxy on the gxxxxd for 60 seconds instead of 3x (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: against to rxxxxe molotov bxxxxe sniper uxxn ixxxxt with gxxxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxs to exxx from dxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: added txxxxm wxxxxxd version of rpg7 for rxxxxxn hxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Axxxm gxxx5 range 3p animations exxxxd to use a pxxxxl gxxp in the fxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: added now/new cxxxs txxxxt with updated 50 cxx (falkun)
WEAPONS: set pxx8 to use a hxxxy at pxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: added axxxxg dxxxy for hxxt pxxxxxxxxxs (xxm axxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed insurgent fire sound rxxxxxxxe on the axxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: minor/major tweaks to the mx5 animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: added now/new hxx1 1p rxxxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: increased sound of GLTD pxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: updated hxxx, m249 and qxxx5 lmg 1p animations, mxxxxy ixxxxxxxg the dxxxxy animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: now/new pkm 1p reload animation added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxd hxxd pxxxxxxn on the pkm deployed mxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: updated insurgent pkm pickup weapon (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxt dxxxy on all sxxxxxxxo rifles and pxxxxxs lowered from 1xxxs to 5xxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: added now/new pkm undeployed dxxxxy animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Exxxxd sound rxxxxxxxxs and sounds for the c4 pxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Bxxxx, oxxxxx, pxxxxe and yxxxxw sounds grenades set to use bxxe smoke/scope grenade sxxxxxxxn icon (xxxxxxxxy fix to pxxxxxt coax (jaymz)
WEAPONS: set zxx3 cxxxxn to repair at longer dxxxxxxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Fixed ctd on rxxxxxn maps wxt txxxxm rxx (jaymz)
WEAPONS: removed uxxxxxxxxy ammo counter for sxxxxe Fixed dxxxxxxxs and incendiary grenade (xxxxl need to and axxxxxxxxxe qxxxxt menu cxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: set mxxxxe tow lxxxxxxxs to repair at long range (jaymz)
WEAPONS: added addedu fire sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed wxxxg mag count on artillery kits using the added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed ammo counter on sxxxxe Fixed dxxxxxxg and insurgency gxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: updated a cxxxxe of reload sounds (chuc)

ATLAS: updated mxxxxxxy the grenadier icon on the added (chuc)
ATLAS: updated axxxs with now/new icons and fxxxx (chuc)
ATLAS: updated to ixxxxxe removed dxxxxxxxn abrams on ixxxxxxy spawn on the markers (chuc)
ATLAS: updated with now/new ammo counter hud exxxxxx (chuc)
ATLAS: updated with now/new icons (chuc)
ATLAS: updated with now/new machine gun icon (chuc)
ATLAS: updated for now/new addedn icons (ancientman)
ATLAS: updated with now/new vehicle icons (chuc)
ATLAS: updated with newer minimap icons (chuc)

KITS: added cxxy of mxc kits to be used for "xx" faction (jaymz)
KITS: added fxxxxr for rf meters and txxxxxxx (jaymz)
KITS: Bxxxxxa pxxxxl ixxxxd to militia sxxxxxx (jaymz)
KITS: Rxxxxxn fxxxxs kit lxxxxxxs added, mxxxxxxxxxa mxx (chuc)
KITS: updated militia with now/new addedm wxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated militia with now/new rxxxxxn Fixed dxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated all rxxxxxn kits with rxxxxxn Fixed dxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated all rxxxxxn kits with AK47 bayonet (xxxxxxxxxxr for axxxm bxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed rxxxxxn kits, wxxe using vxxx5 lxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: Txxxxxn kits added (chuc)
KITS: updated mxxxxxxt icons to be cxxxxxt (xxxxe and ixxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: all insurgent kits with axxx7 now/new have axxx7 bxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: replaced AK47 bayonet from riflemen (fuzzhead)
KITS: added txxp axxx1 ugl for militia grenadier (fuzzhead)
KITS: added txxxxxn mxxxx, txxxxxd txxxxxn kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: added army ied to axxxxxxx, txxxxxd insurgent kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed bxxxxxxxxh texture rxxxxxxxxxg cxxxxxg cxxxxxxg if txxxxxn wxxe put into a mxx (chuc)
KITS: Fixed ctd with mxxxxxxxxxx (egor)
KITS: added rxxxxxn kit txxxxxxx (chuc)
KITS: updated all faction engineer kits (xxxxl need to cxxxxe toned c4 weapon and mxxxxxk with rxxxxe decreased cxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: added now/new sxxxxxxxxt riflemen to all fxxxxxxs (xxxxxxn sxxxxxxs sxxxl need to be second oxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated all cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxn militia kxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: added incendiary grenade x1 to all faction riflemen (fuzzhead)
KITS: increased smoke/scope count on most limitedd kits to 2 (ins 1) to help with ammo problem with only 1 in weapon (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated txxxxxn kits (xxxxl need to and lowered kxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated insurgent kits (xxxxl need to cxxxxe now/new spawn kxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: added med kit to collaborator (fuzzhead)
KITS: added now/new insurgent g3 and insurgent sks carbine (fuzzhead)
KITS: insurgent oxxxxxr gxxxn sounds (fuzzhead)
KITS: changed up menu hud fxxxs rxxxxxxxxs a bxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed menu hud nxxe and icon for sxxxxxxxxt rxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: removed sxxxt for mxxxxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: replaced mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxn with mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: militia medic Now has AK47 and bxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: militia sniper using proper hud icon now (fuzzhead)
KITS: militia sxxxt gxxxn incendiary grenade xx (fuzzhead)
KITS: added txxxx6 frag grenades to pla kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated sxxxxxxxxt nxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: insurgent cxxxxxxxxxxr fxxxxxxe replaced to civilian (xxxe use oxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated sxxe militia kits to txy to smoke/scope cxxxxxxg icons (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated kit icon axxxxxxxxxx (chuc)
KITS: Rxk pickup to use now/new long mxxxxxxe rxx (chuc)
KITS: updated militia kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated rxxxxxn kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Update to militia kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: added incendiary grenade to most ixxxxxxy kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: removed mxxxxxxxxxr engineer vxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: added sxxxxl to cxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: Rxxxxe gxxxxe sxxt from all sxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: gave pla riflemen and oxxxxxxs cxxxxxt frag nxxe count of 4 (fuzzhead)
KITS: added pxx8 to pla axxxxxxxk and exxx to ru animation (fuzzhead)
KITS: Us army music no longer nxxxd "xxxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: added GLTD to sxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed mxxxxxxt not using right kit icon (fuzzhead)
KITS: added zxxxxe and nxg vxxxxxxs of sxxxxxxxxt riflemen (fuzzhead)
KITS: replaced sxxe weapon icons issues with civilian and medic kit (fuzzhead)
KITS: added now/new pickup insurgent kit "xxxo exxxxx" with the army ixx (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated militia and insurgent sniper kits with the now/new hxr txxp (xxr txxp nxxxs sxxe wxxxx (fuzzhead) geometry
KITS: gave dxxo exxxxt cxxxxxt drop kit geometry (fuzzhead)
KITS: Sxxxl update to sniper kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed rxk pickup kit using old vxxxxxa rxk drop geometry (chuc)
KITS: gave crewmen repair ability (xxr sxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: Rxxxxe ammo axxxxxy from sxxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed kit geometry for sxxxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: gave insurgent rxx, sa7 and sniper kits smoke/scope weapon (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated all kits with now/new rxxxxxxxxs to added (fuzzhead)
KITS: gave medic 1 x insurgency gxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: gave engineer 2 x insurgency gxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: updated smoke/scope grenades for oxxxxxxx, gave oxxxxxxs insurgency gxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: gave militia medic insurgency gxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: gave seconds gxxxn smoke/scope and faction sound (fuzzhead)
KITS: - gave militia sniper 2 x ied instead of 1 (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed spawn menu nxxxs for txxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: added txxxxxn lowered kits (fuzzhead)
KITS: Txxxxxn request kits uxxxxxx (chuc)
KITS: added gxxx5 axxxm grenadier to the axxxxxxxxxe kits (chuc)
KITS: removed militia and txxxxxn sniper so it will work properly with request kit pxxxxx (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed the gb kit cxx, nxg version of the gxxxxxxxxxxxt kit was using the sxxe cache nxxe as nxxxxxx (rhino)

COMMON: added ru rxxxxxxxxxx (ancientman)
COMMON: added rxxxxxn and txxxxxn rxxxxxxxxxxx (dbzao)
COMMON: Sxxxl fix to rxxxxxn changed pxxx (fuzzhead)
COMMON: added txxxxxn changed pxxt and sxxxxxxx (fuzzhead)
COMMON: tweaks to repair dxxx (jaymz)
COMMON: added wxxt fxxxxxxxxs sky texture to the rxxx (rhino)

MATERIALS: move hxxt mxxxxxxs set axxxs on fire instead of ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxg txxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Dxxxxxd lxxt damage vs sxxxxxxx. twice as exxxxxxxe against bxxxxxs and exxxxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Dxxxxxd lxxt damage vs dxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: changed dxxxxxt mxxxxxxl on bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs and hxxxxxxs from cxxxxxxe to sxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: added incendiary grenade mxxxxxxxx (katarn)
MATERIALS: Fixed up insurgency dxxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: changed dxxxxxt mxxxxxxl for dxxxxxxxxe 5xxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: set knife to do 0 damage to fo rxxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Txxxxxd grenade damage vs fxxx. two grenades second now/new destroy oxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: replaced grenade damage vs fxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: increased grenade damage vs cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: increased damage of lxxt pxxxxxxxxxs vs lxxxt addedr sxxxxxxy (xo axxxw oxe to set an axv on fxxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: set knife to damage rifles added (jaymz)
MATERIALS: against to move sxxxxl dxxxxxe lxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: set 1xxxxm to do very little damage against APC addedr (xxxxl exxxxxxxe against sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Bxxxxxd aa machine damage against jets by 5xx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: set addedk hxxxxxxxxxs to use jxt mxxxxxxl for addedr (xxxxxe riflemen (jaymz)
MATERIALS: C4 and insurgency grenades will now/new destroy animations (jaymz)
MATERIALS: grenades Now do very little damage to animations (jaymz)
MATERIALS: all pxxxxxxxxxs 50cal and lower will now/new do no damage to the sxxxxxxx, nor to the dont pxxxs of axy dxxxxxxxxe axxxxxx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: changed APC dxxxxxt mxxxxxxl to pxxxxxt txxm bxxxg decreased by insurgency grenadier (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Pxxxxxxxd 5xxxxxxxxxxxm from dxxxxxxxxg icon fxxxxx (jaymz)

SOLDIERS: added cxxy of mxc sxxxxxxs to used for "xx" fxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOLDIERS: added fxxxxr for rf spawner meters and txxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOLDIERS: Txxxxxn sxxxxxxs added (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Exxxxd 1p chinese spawner txxxxxx (chuc)
SOLDIERS: added newer type 07 digial cars for pla faction (chuc)

SOUNDS: Dxxxxxd the mxxxxxxxxxe on HMMWV exxxxxs and increased all oxxxxs by axxxt 5xx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: against to rxxxxc hxx3 firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Axxxm firing sound added (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Gxxxxxl sound oxxxxxxl of axxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: reload volume of axx5 dxxxxy sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Rxxx6 dxxxxy rxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: all tank engine and tweak volume dxxxxxxxs ixxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: now/new 3p coaxial mg firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: against to and in "xxxxxt engine sound" sound to machine pxxxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: added ru vxxxxs and wxxxxxxxe mxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: set proper distance dxxxy as sxxxxxxxd by zxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: lowered volume of axx5 rxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: tweaks to tank reload sounds to match now/new lxxxxxg txxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: APC firing sound oxxxxxxl pxxt 1 (jaymz) lowered
SOUNDS: APC firing sound oxxxxxxl pxxt 2 (jaymz) SOUNDS: increased volume and distance of tweaks on various txxxxxd vxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: increased volume and dxxxxxxxs on civilian vehicle exxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed up svd firing sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: minor/major tweaks to cxxxxxxxxxxe gxxxxxg gun firing sxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: lowered volume of mx5 exxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: lowered volume dxxxxxxxs on all jets and hxxxxxxxxxs to help mxxk the dxxxxxt cxxxxxxg sound bxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Lxx2 axxxxxxxxn sound rxxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed HMMWV axxxxxr engine sound dxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fxxxxxxd 1p firing sound for bxxx3 frag sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fxxxxxxd 1p firing sound of kits (jaymz)
SOUNDS: volume tweaks for HMMWV axxxxxr 5xxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: set 50cal sound on HMMWV axxxxxr to cxxe from txp of bxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: now/new coaxial mg reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Sxxxxxxc right pxxxxd 50cal firing sound for axxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: now/new axv 1p machine firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: tweaks to axv 3p machine firing sxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed lxxp mxxxxr on axxxxxr 50cal 1p sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: right pxxxxd 1p coaxial firing sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: added 1p ammo drop sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: reload 1p spawner machine firing sound volume for for much wxxxxxr cxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Txxxxxg now/new sxxxc cxxxk sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: now/new 1p firing sound for bxw maps on bxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: minor/major tweak to l85a2 reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: added now/new "xxxm ix" sound for oxxxc rxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: axxxxxxd longer "xxxm ix" sound to all oxxxc rxxxxx, lxxxs and dxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: added grenade txxp sounds (xxxxxy sound nxxxs to be lxxxxd ax, nxxxs a "xxxxx" sound where the grenade gxxs into the coax (chuc)
SOUNDS: now/new axxx5 firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Sxxxxxxc 1p coax sounds for gb axxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: now/new enfield firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: set 1xxxxm kxxt to use a reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: gave jihad music to all cxxi cars as horns (jaymz)
SOUNDS: coaxial mg volume oxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: tweaks to mxc sxxxt counter sxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Sxxxxxxd all "xxxe hxxx" vxxxe cxxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Sxxxxxxd "xxxxxxg lxw on rxxxxxxxxxxxxx" vxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: removed cxxxs for "xxxe hxxx" and "xxw on rxxxxxxxxxxxxx" vxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: now/new rxxxxxn sl and gxxxt vxxxxs from nxxxxxxxu & cx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: volume messagesg on rxxxxxn vxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: axxxxxd rxxxo smoke/scope fxxxxxxxg to rxxxxxn sl rxxxo cxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: axxxxxd rxxxo smoke/scope fxxxxxxxg to rxxxxxn gxxxt rxxxo cxxxxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: now/new axx5 1p and 3p firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed a few sound problems with the HMMWV cxxxx (jaymz)
SOUNDS: set cxxxs seconds to use coax mg reload sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed now/new rxxxxxn sl & gxxxt vxxxxs not pxxxxxxx (jaymz)

SPAWNERS: updated spawner fxxxs with now/new kits and removed unused vehicle spawner fxxxxx (fuzzhead)

EFFECTS: added artillery ied explosion exxxxx (chuc)

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